Social isolation - Anyone, Anywhere

08 January 2019

More than 9 million people in Britain will often or always feel lonely according to a report by the Jo Cox Commission last year.

We want to raise awareness through real life stories to show that social isolation can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Helen’s story

Helen* felt very isolated after losing her husband, who she cared for and she lacked the confidence to mix with others. Through volunteering with a timebank, she was able to gain the support she needed through this difficult time and do something she loves – teaching gardening.

A timebank works by giving up your time and depositing the hours into a ‘timebank’ when you need a hand with something yourself, you can then withdraw hours so others can help you. For example, Helen needed help to clear the allotment she shared with her late husband and it was with the help of her new circle of friends she was able to do this.

With the support she received, Helen has now been given the confidence boost she needed and has her dream job working as a steward at her favourite football team’s ground.

Timebanking not only gives people a sense of belonging, it bridges the gap for those who may not have family close by or have drifted from their close knit of friends. They help build a community’s resilience and resources by creating social networks and skill sharing to reduce the feeling of isolation.

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*Name has been changed to protect their identity