LiveWest plays a part in St Paul’s Carnival milestone in Bristol

20 August 2018

We have teamed up with Bristol-based artist Michele Curtis to play a part in the 50th anniversary of St Paul’s Carnival.

The iconic event will be marked by an exhibition which will celebrate the legacy of the carnival.

At the heart of the exhibition is Michele’s ‘The Seven Saints of St Pauls’ - evocative black and white charcoal and graphite portraits with accompanying biographies of the founders of the carnival who came to Bristol as part of the Windrush Generation and made significant political and social strides for change.

The ‘seven humble heroes’ who will have a platform in ‘The Seven Saints of St Pauls’ include the Honourable Owen Henry, as featured on the mural welcoming those coming into St Pauls on City Road.

Others also included are Roy Hackett, Audley Evans, Clifford Drummond, Carmen Beckford MBE, Barbara Dettering and Delores Campbell.

The second of the seven murals to be painted is Delores Campbell, who will feature on a LiveWest home in Campbell Street, St Paul’s.

LiveWest has 350 homes in the St Paul’s area and has provided £2,500 of its community budget towards the art project. We invest heavily in our communities and neighbourhood projects.

When completed, these murals will be part of a trail for members of the public to involve themselves and be educated through the grand artwork dedicated to these incredible stories.

In addition, there will be a mobile application - being developed by Cactus and BBC Bristol - that will guide visitors around the sites.

Michele said: “This exhibition encapsulates the inspiring stories and missions of Bristol’s unsung heroes who have contributed toward the achievements of the African Caribbean Diaspora and Bristol’s cultural identity.

“It bridges traditional British and African Caribbean culture to inform what we view as contemporary British culture today. Carnival has promoted the unity of international relationships and has provided a platform for the celebration of diversity.”

“A big thanks must go to LiveWest, who invest heavily in the area in helping to improve neighbourhoods and bring communities together. Without LiveWest's support, the second mural would not have been possible.”

Lucille Smith, LiveWest's Community Empowerment Officer said:LiveWest's Community Empowerment Team in Bristol are working to enable community-led organisations, enterprises and projects to thrive and deliver much needed local services and support to all residents.

“In St Paul’s, we are working alongside Michele Curtis, St Paul’s Adventure Playground, A.C.E. Ujima Community Radio and Full Circle to help them to be the strongest and best they can be. It’s a privilege to work with and support these organisations for the benefit of our residents and the wider community.”

His Excellency Seth George Ramocan, High Commissioner for Jamaica has given his official backing to the exhibition and Michele’s work. He said: “It is with great pleasure that I endorse Michele’s work which encapsulates the spirit, vision, and values of Jamaica.

“Her work is a valuable contribution to the documentation of the positive role played by Jamaicans to the development of British Society.”