LiveWest celebrates new support measures for youngsters at Torbay Foyer

29 October 2018

A celebration event to mark a new package of support for young people across the bay was held at Torbay Foyer.

We were given the green light by Torbay Council to provide a range of activities for young people aged 16 to 25.

Since opening in 2004 Torbay Foyer, which is based in Teignmouth Road, has provided accommodation for young people who have found themselves on the verge of homelessness.

Now the foyer, run by our staff, is able to put measures in place to help them gain employment and live independently.

The celebration event was a showcase of the skills the young people have acquired, with workshops on money management, cooking on a budget, employability, housing and independent living.

Torbay Foyer Service Manager Sheryl Coleman said: “Torbay Foyer provides an essential service for young people in the bay.

“The service provides accommodation for up to 20 young people aged 16 to 25 offering opportunities to develop essential skills to sustain independent living.”

The Torbay Foyer team is made up of an Employment and Placement Coordinator, two Coaches and one Tenancy Sustainment Officer.

Sheryl Coleman added: “It has been a real privilege for me and the team to work with an amazing group of young people and be part of their journey and their successes.”

We helped over 550 young people move on from supported housing to live independently in the past year and accommodate over 200 young people across the region, providing high-quality accommodation and services that motivate, engage and promote discovery of young people’s talents.

As well as Torbay Foyer, we also manage Leatside and Millcourt Foyer in Newton Abbot.

Our youth provision earned an Innovation award at the recent Foyer Federation Spark Awards in Birmingham.

Our Executive Director of Housing Support Kathy Gilmore said: “LiveWest has enjoyed a long relationship with Torbay Council supporting young people in the area. The new service model we are providing has come about through that strong relationship.

“I’m proud of all the great work the team do and look forward to them continuing to get the best outcomes they can for the young people who use the services we offer.

“All of our young people are coached by our highly committed team to develop their talents and open up opportunities.

“All of the activities are designed to enable them to take the next steps towards independent living, learning and work.”