Falmouth couple set up new eco-florist

14 February 2019


A passion for the flower industry drove a Cornwall couple to set up a new eco-florist.

John and Angela James have pooled their experience to launch Vintage & Bloom in Falmouth.

Angela has been a florist for the last 15 years, while John has got considerable experience as a landscape gardener.

Despite a wealth of experience around the industry, the couple had never run a business before.

As a customer of LiveWest, the couple received a £500 bursary from the south west’s leading housing association to help launch the new business.

LiveWest also helped the couple draw up a business plan, while Outset Cornwall provided guidance over how to set up and run a small business.

Angela said: “I am passionate about flowers. The ideas we had and the image of how we wanted to bring something to the market was a big driving force.”

The idea behind Vintage & Bloom was to give back to the community and the environment.

All of its props are upcycled and the business is trying to be plastic free, using brown paper and raffia for packaging as a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Angela added: “We wanted to use local flowers wherever possible and we have built up contacts who locally grow organic flowers.”

LiveWest Community Connector Mai Evans said: “We are an organisation which cares deeply about our customers and we were only too happy to help John and Angela on the first step on their journey.”

The couple’s pop-up shop, located on The Moor, has already opened and they hope to turn Vintage & Bloom into a well-known and trusted name in Falmouth.